American Business ‘Spirit’

The key to the success of any organization is in the spirit of its people. It is through the people of an organization that things get done; yet it is the quality, the nature and the heart of the people as a whole that determines its destiny. That’s its ‘spirit’. Each and every individual within an organization affects its spirit. You can feel it in the atmosphere around individuals. You can feel it in the energy of an empty room. You see it on people’s faces. You can hear it in the tones of their voices.
Each individual contributes to the spirit of an organization. They do it through their behaviors or feelings. Feelings of confidence, courage, enthusiasm and cooperation contribute to the true nature or spirit of an organization. Fear, doubt, criticism and humiliation become a strain upon the people in an organization, thus dampening its spirit. In this case, work becomes a constant struggle to stay ahead rather than means of scaling great heights. An organization of low spirits is a dying organization. This means a lack of trust and hope exists within the people. You cannot build an organization on these qualities.
The true nature of an organization is to build on the efforts and energies of its people. An organization combines the power of individuals producing a greater power. Organizations exist for the benefit of all. Its purpose is to provide a focus where each individual may achieve his or her dreams. Through a common vision, singleness of purpose, and the melding of minds into one, an organization becomes a fountain of extraordinary ideas and a force able to ‘brave the storm’ in the quest to unimaginable heights and service to humanity. This is what an organization is about. The spirit of an organization is its life and when it is harnessed and nurtured it matures into a force of limitless potential and magnificent possibilities. Spirit. The spirit of a people held high can accomplish anything. Damage or lower the spirit of the people and an organization will self-destruct.
An organization as a body of individuals has a life of its own. That life expresses a quality of energy that can be of a very high or low nature. As an organization, when the energy is of a very high quality, nothing is impossible. Groups that are able to maintain extremely high spirits regardless of the conditions they face become the pioneers, trendsetters, torchbearers and ‘Beacons of Light’ to the rest of the world.
It is amazing the things that are accomplished when a group or groups of people come together in completeness of spirit. When spirits are high in an organization, no one lacks for courage or enthusiasm. In fact, individuals become absolutely fearless. The word ‘failure’ is stricken completely from their vocabulary and the workplace becomes an ‘accelerator of energy’ charging individuals with the ability to stand, face and conquer limitations.
It is the spirit of a group of people that helped to establish this nation. Think what this could do for an individual or organization! This is what America experienced and why she exists. And it is America’s spirit that we have been charged with as a responsibility to our loved ones and ourselves to uphold. Therefore, keep your spirits high and we will move forward and upward on the spiral of organizational success.
“People will forgive and forget – even ignore the shortcomings of individuals and organizations of high spirit and integrity.”



Watch Out for Habits

So many people seem to be rushing to do things and with no real or permanent results. This is especially true in business or work activities. The motivation to rush in any case seems to be based on fear and can never generate any permanent or worthy results. Continue reading

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Seeing Problems As Opportunities

Always look up! For those who truly seek to achieve a certain level of success, you must train yourselves to see only the Perfection you desire, and understand that any improvements you wish to make in your business and personal affairs is the Perfection of that condition.
Any effort to raise a condition to a higher level of quality for your happiness and that of others requires discipline and determination. Training yourself to focus on this discipline provides tremendous help. Continue reading

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High Ideal and Standards

Having high ideals and standards is very important to building a business. There is absolutely no way a business can survive without improving all areas of its operation at some time or another. This is very evident when you consider competition, especially when it comes from a large company.

There are two vital points in further proving the importance of constantly raising a business’ standards: If you have an existing business, customer loyalty and the company’s reputation are its life. Lose one of these, and chances are you’ll lose the other. Having high ideals and standards helps to keep a company ahead of itself. It means constantly improving upon your best qualities and eliminating your weaknesses. Continue reading

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Extraordinary Achievement

True or false? It takes large amounts of money in order to achieve the extraordinary. Perhaps you might think this is a trick question. For me, it is a very valid question.
You see, I have noticed that most people have the desire to accomplish or attain something extraordinary in their businesses, careers or personal affairs. I have heard many reasons why a thing couldn’t be attained. The most common reason I hear is the lack of money.
Now let’s think about this question of extraordinary achievement. What does it mean? It means to me getting something that is beyond the ordinary. What is ordinary? To me, it means the routine or traditional activities that we become accustomed to over time. Ordinary things or activities seem to always be the same. This seems to be a fair explanation of the differences between what is extraordinary versus ordinary. Continue reading

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Build Your Business with a Strong Identity Program

What’s in a name? Well when it comes to your business a lot. Your name is a label used so people can identify your business. If well-thought out your company name has a unique quality that helps people to remember your business or its products and services. Of course, when you’re trying to build business your need more than just a good name, Your business should be easy to recognize. In other words, you need a strong identity. Continue reading

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Three Abilities for Business Owners’ Success

Three Abilities for Business Owners’ Success

All business owners should always consider themselves special individuals. They have stepped forward to provide for themselves and others a means of expression that reaps many rewards. Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation — whatever structure you have doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t matter to your customers, employees or vendors. There may be a few exceptions. Continue reading

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